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During many years of advising companies on con­ducting their PLM strategy, we have identified the fundamental problem sources of the common approach. Knowing these challenges, we were able to crack them.

Our team of advisors and soft­ware nerds helps you working out a solution that is tailored to your specific require­ments. Thinking system-independently and in­corporating all company per­spectives, like development, procurement and production, we have developed a method that really does the job. Sounds promising, right? Now let us get the most out of your products!

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What is your Status Quo?


Making PLM work for you

We want to make PLM accessible to our customers and help them to establish their individual strategy. But since most PLM systems are generic, applying them to business-specific needs is a complex procedure. In order to facilitate the process, we have developed plamify®.

Organizing your PLM with plamify®

Our method provides you with an expedient guide¬≠line for continuously improving your strategy. To apply it in a simple yet effective way, we have introduced a soft­ware tool to organize all PLM aspects in one central place. Allowing for structuring and tracing back processes and decisions made, our approach enables you to take the right steps at the right time.

Compared to the common approach, plamify® delivers faster results at lower costs making no compromises whatsoever.

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